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Game Design2D Game Design BOBO originally started developing games in the early days of Macromedia Flash....


Game Design

2D Game Design

BOBO originally started developing games in the early days of Macromedia Flash. We have some respectful acknowledgements in the online gaming/movie world including the respected Castle Series by Oscar Johansson and a collaboration with AlmightyHans on Valentines Day Massacre. We also developed a number of mini games including Fuel Leak, Love o’ Fortune, Farmyard Hustle and Builders. The Castle Series is available to watch online on Youtube.com and some of our other submissions to the now retro gaming world can be found on Newgrounds.com.

We are currently developing a variety of mini games for mobile devices as of April 2019. Updates of these developments can be found on our projects page and on our Snapchat account.


Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

Pablo Picasso.

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